In December of 2023, the leadership of the Marin Association of REALTORS® provided this information to us at SFAR regarding the use of their disclosure document for transactions in Marin.Please remember to check for local disc

Dear Neighboring Bay Area AEs,
I wanted to give you a heads up that the Marin Association of REALTORS® recently updated the Marin County Disclosures advisory. It should be updated in the Marin Library in Zipforms for members of our Association.
Our goal is to make it available to all CAR members as a professional courtesy to reciprocate the courtesy that our members receive from your associations regarding your advisories. I’ve asked Zipforms to make this happen.

We have recently contacted them to see if we can obtain license to use this disclosure in our other form platforms, Glide and SkySlope and will update this article when we hear back on that permission.