Easily spot opportunities using vivid color coding

SFAR has enabled a new Premium Map Layers advanced feature in REALIST that makes it easy to filter and identify opportunities on the map using color-coded property parcels. With Premium Map Layers, you can begin your search by choosing a map layer that isolates a specific attribute.  

Available attributes include:

  • Building Type
  • County Land Use
  • Home Equity
  • Last Sale Price
  • Mortgage Age
  • Mortgage Rate
  • Owner Occupied
  • Ownership Time
  • Property Value
  • Rent Score
  • Sell Score

When you choose a map layer, the program instantly color codes the parcels to indicate different value ranges, making it easy to spot properties or neighborhoods with the desired attribute. Value ranges can be toggled off to only highlight the parcels you’re interested in.

Once a map layer is selected, you can click individual parcels to see their exact values.  You can further narrow your search using 100+ different tax and listing criteria, such as recording date, sale date, settlement date, subdivision, status, etc.  Results can be exported, used to create mailing labels, and more.

You can download the full Premium Map Layers datasheet here.

Read on for information on how to get started with this new feature provided to you by SFAR and CoreLogic REALIST.

Step 1:  Select your County and Navigate to My Search

To begin using Premium Map Layers, you must select the desired County where the map-based searches will be conducted. It’s important to note that Premium Map layers only supports a single-county search at this time. Once you have selected the desired County, click on My Search to access the Premium Map Layers menu.

Step 2:  Select a layer from the Premium Map Layers Menu

The list of 11 Premium Map layer menus are featured on the drop-list. Simply select the desired layer from the drop down menu have the layer appear on the map. It’s important to note that once a layer is selected, you must also toggle on each of the associated values to begin seeing the colors populating at the parcel level.

  1. Select the desired layer from the Premium Maps Layer menu
  2. By default, all values are set to “OFF”
  3. To turn each value on, select “Toggle All” button or click on the desired value to toggle from “OFF” to “ON”
  4. Please note: colors start populating at 200 ft, so be sure to zoom in if you are not seeing the color-coded parcels

Default values are set to OFF initially

You can set Default values to ON

Step 3:  Make your Search

Once any of the desired values are toggled from OFF to ON, the search button will be enabled, to allow you to start the search based on the selected Premium Map layer and the values that have been toggled ON. When searching with just the Premium Map attribute, the results returned simply reflect the selected values. However, to enhance your search further, you can choose to include other tax-derived attributes (as would be the case with a standard Saved Search that exists under the My Search drop-down selection). Up to 30 tax-derived attributes can be used in addition to the Premium Map search, in order to narrow the search results. Once you have refined the search results, you can proceed to send the results to export, mailing labels, or print.

Refine Premium Map Searches With Tax Attributes

Results Can Be Exported, Mail Merged, And Sent to Postcards

Questions about this new feature? You can get extended help for all of the REALIST features and functions from the online help tools located at https://prd.realist.com/help/. The full data sheet for the new Premium Layers Feature can be downloaded from here. And if you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out the MLS team by opening a ticket, or by email.