When you create a new listing, you are required to input the APN. To ensure accuracy, save yourself time, and import necessary listing data, use the "Search County Records" link to pull in your APN number and associated information.

After you've selected your County and Property Type your Enter New Listing Screen will look like this:

Rather than typing in the APN, click on the "Search County Records" link. That will open the a screen where you can search for your APN one of two ways. You can search on the address of the listing

or by the APN itself.

Either way you go, you will get the same result: the APN appearing in the correct format. This is especially helpful when the APN has five characters before the dash for a San Francisco County record.

After clicking on "Select" you'll return to the Enter New Listing screen with the data populated correctly.

Additionally, other data that is associated with the APN (such as the District and Subdistrict, and Year of Construction) will be automatically filled when you proceed to the Listing Information editing screen after you place the pin on the map.