For Coming Soon listings located in San Francisco:

  • File your SELM within three days of signing the listing agreement using the Webform.
  • Until there is a listing entry visible to other agents in the MLS, either Coming Soon or Active status, your listing contract is a brokerage exclusive. This means you can only discuss it with other agents in your brokerage.
  • Begin a new listing and save it in your Incomplete Listings folder as soon as you are able to (ideally at the same time you file your SELM); leave the Listing Price field empty as a safeguard against accidentally launching the listing prematurely.
  • Enter action reminders in your personal calendar, paper or online, to review & update your listing. This includes adding photos, disclosures, changes to your public remarks, etc.
  • Moving from Incomplete to Coming Soon: input your listing price you and your client have agreed upon, review your On Market Date for accuracy, and confirm the status selected is Coming Soon. Submit your listing.
  • Set a reminder to yourself for three to five days prior to your scheduled On Market Date to review the listing with your seller and to confirm that the OMD is still when they want it on the market. If they have changed their mind about the date, update your listing immediately.
  • If the listing is remaining in Coming Soon update your calendar to match the new on-market date; if the listing is going Active, update your calendar and reminders for your listing contract's expiration date.
  • If you are uncertain of what to do at any point, contact SFARMLS Support before submitting your listing. Email with your question or request for a cupport callback.

Things to remember about listings in Coming Soon status:

  • Listings in Coming Soon status satisfy Clear Cooperation requirements. Incomplete listings do not.
  • Public-facing marketing outside of your brokerage, including but not limited to email blasts, social media posts, signs on the property, postcard mailings, can only begin when your listing is visible in the MLS to other agents.
  • Public marketing of a listing contract without a published MLS listing entry (either Coming Soon or Active status) is in violation of Clear Cooperation and can result in a fine of $5,000.00.