Please be aware that the Agent-Client Workflow process in Glide for the San Francisco Seller Disclosure (SFSD) is not currently using the most up-to-date version of the form released on 01/01/2023. 

SFAR members who are Glide users should not use the Workflow process for completing the SFSD with their clients, as it will create an output using the pre-2023 version that is no longer valid.

Instead - users should manually add and complete the SFSD with clients by using the "Add Form" function in Glide. 

We are actively working with Glide to update the Workflow and we have an estimate from them that it should be complete in by the first week of May, 2023.

What about the TDS? Is the workflow for TDS okay?

Yes, the programmed Workflow for the TDS, which is a C.A.R. form, is not affected by the changes to the SFSD. You can continue to use the TDS workflow safely and without issue.