San Francisco Association of Realtors' long-standing partnership with the San Francisco Apartment Association has evolved!  We are pleased to announce that our licensing agreement now allows us to distribute the *SFAA leasing forms to service providers that have the SFAR forms library available to their subscribers. This welcomed change illustrates our commitment to meeting the agent and broker in the applications/systems they prefer.

WhatsApp Doc?

I know what you're thinking. That's great! Now, how do I get the goods? Which service providers have the SFAR, CAR, and SFAA forms libraries? 

  • Glide (Free option for SFAR members)
  • SkySlope Forms (Free option for SFAR members)
  • ZipFormPlus (Free option for SFAR members)
  • And counting...

We are working to license our forms with as many providers as possible. The caveat is they must already have the CAR library. Stay tuned for more announcements this year!

Forms Provider Support Resources:

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* 2023 Changes to SFAA Lease Agreement