“My sellers wanted to extend their listing agreement, but they didn’t sign the modification in time and now the MLS shows it expired; what can I do?”

    You and your sellers still have options, depending on how little time has passed since the expiration date. 

    When you receive the extension agreement in the first 7 days after the listing has expired, you still have editing privileges to update the Expiration Date to match the extension and change the status of the listing entry back to Active.

    If your sellers get you their paperwork between 8 to 30 days after expiration, the listing can still be re-activated but you will need to email SFARMLS support with a copy of the signed listing extension for us to make the edits. 

    From day 31 onward you will need to have your sellers sign a new listing agreement and enter a new listing in the MLS.

First published in the Office Liaison Report on 2023/01/17.