The economic and housing market data that emerged in late 2022 generated significant discussion and concern. Internally at SFARMLS we started conversations at the leadership level and with our committees regarding these challenges with the goal of identifying any areas where the service could be improved to ease some friction.

We've shortlisted a handful of areas where we plan to provide support as we wrap up the year and go into 2023. We've taken steps to streamline some activity-intensive practices around listing management, started scoping out an expanded set of MLS training classes to provide deeper understanding of the systems, and will be adding tools to simplify your common (but often complex) MLS activities.

Easing the year-end Cancel/Re-Sign

The first change we are making immediately is easing the requirements for doing a Cancel/Re-Sign/Resubmit during the end of year period. Between December 1st and December 25th, we will not require detailed documentation to allow you to cancel your existing listing with the intention of bringing it back as new in 30 (or more) days.

Click here to access the new Listing Resubmittal Certification form.

The new process isn't changed very much from before, but how you go about it is simplified:

  1. Have your seller cancel their existing listing contract and follow up with signing of a new one. Your brokerage may allow for a listing 
  2. Update the status of the listing entry in SFARMLS to Canceled.
  3. Go to our new Listing Resubmittal Certification form and complete it. You will be required to provide: the MLS# of the cancelled listing, and the new Price, On-Market Date, and Expiry Date you want on the resubmitted listing. 
  4. When you complete the request form, you will receive two emails: one that verifies your request, and a second that shows that at support ticket has been opened. 
  5. SFARMLS team members will pickup the request and check that the information is provided and will then create the new listing and assign it back to you. 
  6. Once you see an email indicating that the ticket is Resolved/Closed, you can go into the MLS and resume editing your newly created listing.


  • The On-Market Date you provide must be 30 days after the date of cancellation of the previous listing. If the date you provide is less than that, it will be set to 30 days after instead.
  • The values in data fields from the listing on the day it was closed will all be copied. You should edit the listing as soon as you receive your Resolved/Closed email and make field changes to reflect the new listing disposition. 
  • We are only bypassing the extraordinary explanation requirements during the period of Dec 1 to Dec 25, and may still have questions for you if you attempt to use this process during other nominal business periods. 

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Please reach out to our compliance department if you have questions about this at and we'll be sure to explain.