This week marks an important milestone for the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® and our network of integrated products and platforms. As part of our mission to meet our members where they are doing business, we have entered into agreements to provide the SFAR Standard Forms Library to both Glide and SkySlope for use by the REALTORS® of California.


Starting today, the platforms are in a soft launch phase that will last for one week with a full launch on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Nothing will change with regard to our partnership with Lone Wolf ZipLogix (and the availability of the forms in ZipForms/Plus) as we expand our forms availability program to include these two new vendors.

"I am truly excited that our Realtor members now have the ability to use one platform for both their contract and transaction management needs." said SFAR 2022 President Jeannie Gant. She further elaborated, "This will save us time and make our work more efficient.”

How Do I Get These Products?

If your Broker or Franchise office uses either Glide or SkySlope, you may already have access to the newly launched forms. Contact your Broker (or location Office Manager) for information on getting access to these products through your provided systems. If you would like to use either SkySlope or Glide inside your Brokerage or Office and do not currently have access to these products, you should contact your Broker to discuss if signing up for either of these products makes sense for your company.

By licensing the entire Standard Forms Library for use in these products, SFAR moves one step closer to realizing the goal of being solutions agnostic.

If You Find a Problem

Both of the newly integrated forms products provide direct support to you as a user. Each offer live support through integrated chat functions and an off hours email support channel. If you reach out to our MLS team for product support, we will help get you directed back to the vendor's support channels. 

You should use the integrated "live chat" feature of Glide. For support outside of operating hours, you should contact email support at

1. Click on Support in the top menu.
2. Click "Send us a message" to start a conversation.
You can use the "chat support" feature directly in the website, send an email to, or call their support center at 1-800-507-4117.

Questions About the Program

Should you have any questions about our Association goals of implementing a truly "solutions agnostic" strategy, please don't hesitate to reach out to MLS Systems Director Hud Bixler, or CTO Jay Pepper-Martens. For questions about either of these products' functionality, you should make use of the indicated support channels above.