You may have noticed that we recently added a new RESI Property Subtype value "Co-Ownership" to your listing input system. The value appears in the middle column of values:

When would you use this Property Subtype? 

This property subtype is specifically used for the list and purchase of a co-ownership to the right to use a property. You would not use this type if the property is a TIC, which has its own specific rules for owning and transacting. This property subtype describes a Residential listing that is offering a portion of ownership in the property that is less than 100%.

What are the ramifications of this new Property Subtype? 

Co-Ownership is a property subtype, so you can simply select it or not depending on our searching needs. One important thing to keep in mind is that when you have no subtypes selected, you get them all. This means that by leaving subtypes blank you may also receive co-ownership listings in your search results (if there are any). 

Can I exclude Co-Ownership from my searches?

If you want all property subtypes except for co-ownership, you will need to check all of them, leaving co-ownership blank.

If you have any questions about this new Property Subtype, please reach out to the MLS team at to get a ticket started so we can assist you.