In the coming weeks, you will see some of the fields you're used to be changed in listing input and in your searches. The fields being changed are fields with the term "Master" in them. Effective in the next few weeks, instead of seeing fields such as, "Master Bedroom", which describes a primary bedroom of the unit, the field will be named, "Primary Bedroom." This is the case with nearly every other field in the MLS with the term, "Master". It will instead be converted to the term, "Primary."

The following images should some example changes to listing input: as you can see, some fields will be changed, such as, "Primary Bedroom Features" and "Primary Bathroom Features", replacing, "Master Bedroom Features" and "Master Bathroom Features". Some amenities will also be changed, such as the "Primary Bedroom" amenity in the Fireplace Features field.

Figure 1: fields with the term "Master" have been replaced with the term "Primary".

Figure 2: Amenities with the term "Master" have been replaced with the term "Primary".

IDX fields will retain the same system names for ease of implementation.