A common confusion about our new larger MLS coverage area is that there is no way to return the view to focus solely on The City. In fact, the system is fully configurable and can easily be set to view only what you want; whether that's the the city of San Francisco, the entire peninsula and south bay, or just Marin County. 

The two basics for getting this setup are in your Profile settings for Listing Input, and by using a Saved Search that can be set for your Market Watch panel for listing data display defaults.

Profile Settings

Select the menu Admin -> Agent Preferences menu item in the MLS's top menu bar. It takes you to the Agent Preferences panel. In order to speed up Listing Entry by one step, you can set the Preferred County for listing input to San Francisco.

You should NOT also set the Preferred city, as the Preferred County is sufficient for our case where the city and county are identical. If you were primarily listing in Marin, you would select Marin as your Preferred County and then you should select your most common city if you have one you focus on working and listing in.

Market Watch

The second and more powerful thing to configure is your Market Watch panel that sits on your MLS home page. The panel itself has the two controls that you use to customize this important tool directly: 

My Market Watch Area (1) - You can use this setting to quickly flip between searches that you've previously setup for use in the panel:

The panel gives you the ability to select a search, put a "star" on a search in order to make it the default, and also to Add a Saved Search.

Note also that there is a control for "days back" which will limit the listings returned for statuses such as Closed, Expired and Canceled.

Add & Manage (2) - The main Market Watch panel also provides you with a button that takes you directly to the page where you can Add a Saved Search, and Manage those saved searches, including how to make them show up in the dropdown control you saw it option (1) above.

Add a Saved Search

Clicking on "Add a Saved Search from either the dropdown or from the bottom of the panel directly, will display this dialog where you can directly select any Saved Search you have previously created. 

Simply select the search that you wish to show summary for in your Market Watch panel and you're done. The panel will update immediately. 


You can access the Manage Saved Searches page from the Market Watch, or from the MLS Menu Item across the top, and from there you can select one, some or even all of your saved searches to be available as Market Watch searches by setting the Market Watch slider from off (red) to on (green):

One you do this, you can return to the MLS home page and set that search as the Market Watch panel search. Remember that if you also press the small yellow star, it will be the default Market Watch search permanently. Throttle how much inactive listing data (closed, expired, canceled) data you see counted using the provided Days Back control.