Today we enabled improvements to the Interactive Map in our Rapattoni MLS system that covers the entire Bay Area from Mendocino to Sacramento, through San Francisco, and all the way down to Monterey Bay. We now have usable polygon layers that will help you always get the right Selling Area value set on your listing when you lookup an address in the Interactive Map.

There are now visible outline and labels for Treasure Island (SF District code: 9T) and also for all of the selling areas covering the east bay MLSs of Bay East Association, CCAR and bridgeMLS in Oakland and Berkeley.

The search area VALUES you see on the map are directly usable in the Search page dialogs you use every day. If, for example you wanted to search Claremont AND Claremont Hills, you would input 2310 and 2675 like this:

Note also the handy auto-complete function that will show you the corresponding Zip Code for this area, if you are also using other applications that require you to use those for areas. Selecting "Search" from the blue action bar will now get you all of the listings regardless of the source MLS:

Going one step further you could instead use the Map View button in the action bar to run the search, in which case it will toggle to the map view, and get this geographic/visual result:

We hope that you've already seen the power and utility of the Interactive Map based search tools, but if you've been holding off because the NorCal Alliance areas were not complete, you can dive in now and get started! If you have any troubles or find any issues with Interactive Map, please open a support ticket with the MLS team so that we can assist.