SFAR regularly hosts webinars and classes featuring ways you can make the most out of the Rapattoni MLS system, and searching is one of the most critical elements.

Our newest video recorded in May 2022 has CTO Jay Pepper-Martens and MLS Specialist Patrick Anderson going over a complete run down of how to search and get statistics from the SFARMLS system. What's covered in the SFARMLS Training 210 Course? A lot! 

  • Search Strategy - Revisiting this broad topic
  • How to find exactly what you're looking for by starting "wide" and using a narrowing process
  • Making "Preview Count" useful instead of annoying (automatic vs. manual counts)
  • How to turn the results grid into a read out of what matters for your business
  • Infosparks, built-in statistical reports, and how to use the Annual Report

Prior to that, this article was originally published right after the system launch in 2021 with Jay Pepper-Martens and Damon Knox going over the techniques in more of a Question and Answer style. Please note, some screens or displays in the MLS may have changed slightly since this second video was recorded.



What do Damon and Jay cover in this short informative video? 

  • That you can use RANGES in the Area/District dialogs. 
  • That you can mix a RANGE in one Area/District, and a single Area/District value - and if you do, you can use a Subdistrict value below the singular Area/District. 
  • That you can combine these. 
  • How to use the Interactive Map search as a way to drive really specific search areas, and how to save them to use again and again. 
  • How to move back and forth between Interactive Map searches and the One Line Grid output format.