As you might have heard us talk about before the holiday, we've been working with Clareity (a Core Logic company) on a new updated look and feel for our MLS Dashboard technology. The time is right to deploy the improved interface to members.

In March 2022, we will be changing the layout to focus on our most used tools and to get us ready for a host of fantastic things coming to you this year with new integrated platforms for using standard forms, managing rentals, and even more.

The new layout streamlines the most widely used tools into the topmost section on the left, and presents your billing status and access to member services on the top right. 


Also in the very top of the new dashboard layout, you will find an incredibly handy "Launch" bar. You can type the name of any integrated application or tool into this space, and hit enter to start it without even having to find the tile for it. In this  example, if you are looking for Cloud MLX, you can type "MLX" into the search bar, and the new dashboard located the application, click to launch. 

You will see a number of smaller changes in this release, but in general the order and presence of all applications has been maintained. New tiles (RentSpree) and cleaned up and streamlined tile groups (ShowingTime Showing buttons, Cloud Application tiles) are grouped together below the fold. 

Now that many of the release 'wrinkles' of the updated MLS system launch are ironed out, it's time for us to move forward with updating your most useful tools. The MLS Dashboard is the first step! Stay tuned for more information soon. 

Expect this change incredibly soon!