This article references decisions made and mandates dictated at the 2021 NAR Annual Convention in San Diego, CA. For a complete list of the changes dictated at those meetings, please see the original source NAR article. You can also read the official FAQ that NAR recently published on these changes.

MLS Policy Statement 7.85, section 12, outlines the new mandatory requirements for the display of listings on the internet through the "IDX Policy" of the MLS, which are scheduled for enforcement starting March 1, 2022. The section as passed by NAR's MLS Committee reads as follows (underlined part indicates the new requirement):

MLS Policy Statement 7.85

12. An MLS participant’s IDX display must identify the listing firm, and the email or phone number provided by the listing participant in a reasonably prominent location and in a readily visible color and typeface not smaller than the median used in the display of listing data.  M


In order to comply with this new mandated rule, our MLS vendor partner Rapattoni, along with dozens of other leading product vendors in the industry, must be able to take a phone number and/or email address for each listing office associated with the Broker Participant who owns that listing agreement and display it on their websites.

Internally we have to make sure we have the right data in the MLS system and can send the data to our integrated product vendors, so that they can also be in compliance. The MLS system is currently sending data for the following fields, even though they are sparsely populated with data:



So, given a Listing, we will specify the Primary Agent's, Office's, Phone Number and Email Address that must be displayed. It is important that you check to see what, if any, information exists for your Office in the MLS system. To see and edit that information click on the Admin menu item in the MLS system, and choose the Office Menu option (it's one of the last menu options, you might need to scroll down to see it):


If you see a screen similar to the following screenshot, with the link to Modify Office Information at the top, then you have permission as a Designated Realtor, Broker, or Office Manager, to edit this information. Click the link to continue to the editor.

On the Modify Office Information screen, you should update the following key fields: Office Phone and Office Email (1). You may also choose to update your Office's specific branch webpage (do not link this to an Agent branded site within your office - this URL must reflect a web page for your specific office/branch, or optionally for your entire franchise/brokerage). Click Save (2) after making your changes or else the values will not be persisted in the MLS system.

The changes will be reflected in the MLS and in the data feeds from the MLS within a few hours.

HELP! I Can't Edit the Information!

If you are the Designated Realtor, Broker, or Office Manager for your office branch, and you cannot edit this information in preparation for the changes on March 1, 2022, it is critical that you complete the following form that will start the process of updating your office records in our membership management system to grant permission to the person who should be able to edit it. Please do NOT fill out this form if you are not the Office Manager or person designated to act on behalf of your company's Broker for your office, instead, forward a link to this article to that correct person.

To request a change to your office's DR/Broker/Office Manager:

If you have questions not covered by this article, please email the SFAR Membership department directly.

For a complete list of the changes dictated at the San Diego meetings, please see the original source NAR article. You can also read the official FAQ that NAR recently published on these changes.