The graphic below shows exactly where your SFAR Supra eKey will work, and where you will have to get your key cooperated.

SFAR eKeys work in the orange/purple counties shown in the graphic below. If you want to see a listing in BAREIS or Metrolist territory that is on a lockbox, you will have to contact that MLS and have your key cooperated. 

If you are listing a property in Marin, you will still need to use a Lockbox that is purchased for use in the BAREIS listing service area or a box that has been programmed to work in that service area. The same is true for the MetroList area, should you list in Sacramento (or the central valley).

For help with BAREIS counties (Marin, Sonoma, Napa, etc...), please call 800-776-5252.

For help with MetroList counties (Sacramento, etc...), please call 916-922-7584.