The MLS department frequently gets questions that can be answered by quickly checking in the Links & Documents section of the MLS system itself. To find this treasure trove of useful information, click on the Links menu in the MLS and select Links & Documents.

This page changes from time to time, but let's review a few of the most useful links that you'll find here. Make sure that you check to see if your question can be answered here before calling or emailing, but we of course do want to assist you if the answer here does not provide you with enough information.

Here are explanations of the most useful links on this page:

SFAR Member Website - this is your link back to the web page

SFARMLS Rules & Regulations - this ALWAYS points to the current set of the released rules and regulations that govern the MLS. 

[Timeframe] Change Log - wondering what's been changed recently in the rules? This log will tell you what the important changes are.

Clear Cooperation Check - where you can submit an anonymous request to have a listing checked if it's in violation of CC rules.

Comparable Sales Webform - some listings still sell without being marketed in the MLS (or elsewhere) and you can request a submission if you aren't comfortable using Sold Off MLS status yourself. 

SFAR MLS Statistics (10k) - a link to MarketStats InfoSparks.

SFAR MLS District Map - the link to the PDF of our district map. PLEASE NOTE: the lines on the map are the artist/cartographer best placement, and do not necessarily identically match the division of physical addresses. When in doubt, email the MLS team for clarification, especially when you think your seller is going to have an opinion on the matter in a case where the home is right on a line.

SFAR Districts & Broker Tours - the text version of the division of the districts for tour.

Key Coverage Area Map - wondering where your Supra eKEY works? This map shows the 3 regions. Your key only works in the SFAR area (orange/purple).