As we get closer to the holiday season many Agents will be planning how to manage their client's listings during this relatively low activity period. Traditionally, Agents have elected to take steps intended to 'pause the days of market' from accruing while the market itself is operating at low intensity. 

The SFARMLS system supports several mechanisms for pausing listings in this way, and we have provided this article to help you as Agents make the right adjustments that fit your client's needs while still adhering to the SFARMLS Rules & Regulations

With that in mind, let's look at the three common strategies, the limitations, and the outcomes that result when these are used. Please note that this is a companion article to this one on Cancel/Re-Sign.

Goal: Completely Stop Days on Market (with the intention to Bring Back as New after the holiday)

If you want to bring your listing back as New after the holiday there is only ONE correct way to do this. You must fully cancel the listing agreement (the actual contract, the paper) and THEN update the listing status = Canceled in the MLS. 

It is important that we remind Agents that retaining a listing agreement while falsifying the listing as Canceled in the MLS is a major violation (fine level D for Misrepresentation is $1000) and if you are also found to be marketing your listing actively on other websites, that such action is an ever greater breach of the MLS rules (fine level E for Clear Cooperation violation is $5000). 

After 30 days have elapsed from the date of cancelation, you can enter the listing again as an entirely new listing (and you can use the Copy Listing function to make this task easy) and the new listing will be brought back as New in the MLS system with a Days on Market of 0. 

This is the only way to achieve the Bring Back as New effect after the holiday season.

Goal: Temporarily Stop Days on Market for short periods (with the understanding that you cannot Bring Back as New)

If you are unwilling to cancel the listing agreement, then you are not going to be in a position to bring the listing back from an off-market status and have it show as New with a Days on Market of 0 - FULL STOP. Bringing your listing back as New is only achieved by canceling the actual agreement.

But that doesn't mean there aren't ways of pausing your listing in order to keep the Days on Market from accruing while you are not actively marketing the listing. In this case where you want to maintain your listing agreement and also pause the DOM, you should update the listing status = Hold in the MLS.

As a HELD listing, the Days on Market will stop, the listing will still be visible in the MLS as 'under contract' and you may still have to field the odd question about your listing even though you are not showing it on Broker Tour and are not holding Open Houses for it. While you will not get a New indicator when the listing is returned to Active, this was never really a convincing mechanism within the SFARMLS Agent community who were aware of your listing previously anyway.

Downstream data feed recipients will see that the listing is still attached to an active Agent, and is not canceled, and is therefore not a new opportunity of some kind. This gives you the best mix of being off the market, while still being under your direct management.

If you have questions about how data feeds process listings of various statuses, you may wish to view our webinar on this topic for a full understanding on our YouTube channel.

Goal: Continue to Market the Listing over the holiday (do not pause the listing, allow Days on Market to accrue)

There are real opportunities in the holiday periods every year. It is not uncommon to take advantage of the low inventory and seemingly low availability by staying on the market. In this case, you might deftly move the listing from Active to Hold (and back) as you need in order to do some business between the 26th and 30th.

Being one of the few listings on the market during this period makes your listing very attractive to the pool of buyers that are looking for a special opportunity, or who are compelled to search regardless of the timeframe. 

Of course, our team is here to answer any questions that you might have about listing statuses, Days on Market, and the always nebulous Bring Back as New strategy. Make sure that you have a safe and happy holiday in any event.