When listing a property on South Van Ness Ave., it's important to know the difference between a "Street Name" and a "Street Direction" in the SFARMLS system. This is important not only for your other SFAR Agents, but also for our reciprocal MLS partners.


"South Van Ness" Ave. is the street name of the street that spans the areas of 9F and 9C. In this case, "South" is a part of the street name "South Van Ness" Ave., and is not a street direction.


When you use Realist's feature to autofill tax data, that system incorrectly interprets the autofill and inserts an address with a street name of "Van Ness", and a street direction of "South". Unfortunately this is not something that can be solved in the Realist system today. If you proceed with this autofill, you will end up creating a listing that will display as if located on the south end of the normal "Van Ness" Avenue, which appears in the area of 8F. The MLS interprets the name of the street as indicated and shows "Van Ness Ave", rather than "South Van Ness Ave." and the error is then set into the listing.


To avoid this, you must ensure that the name of the street is, "South Van Ness" after the autofill, and check that there is no street direction associated with the listing.


Follow these example steps to avoid this problem:


Step 1.


This screenshot shows the listing's address that autofilled from the, "Search County Records" link at the top. Notice that Realist erroneously filled the "Direction" field with the value "South", and the "Street Name" field with the value "Van Ness" (see Figure 1 in Appendix). If we proceed with listing creation, we will get this:     The area has been autofilled with 8F.


Step 2.


After confirming the listing's address from the autofilled County Records database, it is important to manually change the Street Name to "South Van Ness", and remove the direction (Figure 2 in Appendix). The listing creation will now have the correct area of 9C assigned to it.

While it's easiest to fix this during listing input, we do understand that with this type of situation mistakes can be made. We are available to help you correct your listing address if you accidentally enter it with the street direction value. 

We have also made an effort to correct any historical data in the MLS system that was erroneously stored on Van Ness South instead of on South Van Ness. This should make it easier to locate the right listings for doing comparable sales. If you locate any errors in the data, please don't hesitate to send us the example so that we can evaluate it and make changes as appropriate.


Figure 1: what will autofill from the “Search County Records”. 
South is a Direction, but it should be a Street Name!

Figure 2: the correct implementation of the “South” in the street name part of the address field. 
“South Van Ness” is a street name! 

Figure 3: the up-close location in which Van Ness Ave ends, and South Van Ness Ave begins.

Figure 4: The SFARMLS Interactive Map view of the subdistricts of Van Ness Ave. and South Van Ness Ave. Van Ness is in 8F, South Van Ness is in 9F.