Disclosure packets via Disclosures.io are accessed in two different ways on the SFARMLS, depending if the listing was created within SFAR, or from one of our NorCal Alliance Super Regional Associations. This article will teach you how to access disclosure packets for all listings in the system.

Disclosures.io on an SFAR listing

Figure 1: Access disclosures by clicking "Request Disclosures.io" on a listing.

When accessing disclosures, you must first check that it is a listing that came from an SFAR agent. You do this by looking at the "RecMlsNumber" of a listing, below the Links section of the listing's Detail page. You will see that it is a listing that came from an SFAR, agent, because it will have a prefix of, "SFR", before the listing number.

If it has a different prefix, then it is a listing from one of our NorCal partners, and you can proceed to the next section of this article.

If the agent has correctly set up the disclosures packets for the listing, then clicking the button in the above Figure 1 will take you to the listing page in Disclosures.io, where you can access the disclosures.

Disclosures.io on an external association listing

Disclosures.io behaves differently for external listings. You will not be able to access the Disclosures.io packet in the way described above, if the listing is from outside of SFAR.

Figure 2: This listing is not from SFAR, because it does not have a RecMlsNumber prefix of "SFR". 

To access the disclosures on a listing from an external association, there are a few places you must check.

1. Check that the Private Remarks (on the listing detail page of a listing) has a link to the disclosures. Sometimes agents put this link in their private remarks to Disclosures.io, so that is the first place to check.

2. Check the Attached Documents of the listing. If the listing has any Attached Documents, the link will be located in the top right corner of the listing, to the left of the "Map" link. There is a Attached Document type called, "Disclosures URL", which links to the disclosures packet in Disclosures.io.

3. Contact the agent directly. If they have not placed the disclosures in either the Private Remarks or Attached Documents, then you must contact the listing agent to procure the packet.

Figure 3: The "Disclosures URL" document type on a listing in SFAR from MLSListings. Located in the Attached Docs.

What happens when I get a "Listing not found" error?

If you receive this error, first double-check that you are not trying to access the disclosures from a non-SFAR listing via the "Request Disclosures.io" link. Refer to the previous section on how to correctly access the disclosures on the listing.

 If you have confirmed that the listing is from SFAR, and you still get this error by clicking on the link, or if you get this error by correctly following the steps in the previous section, then the listing agent has not linked your listing to Disclosures.io.

It's possible that the agent has simply not linked the listing, and in this case you will have to contact them directly. If they claim to have linked the listing to Disclosures.io, and this error is still showing up, it's possible that they did not link the listing completely, as it requires not only creating a listing in Disclosures.io, but then also linking it to the SFARMLS.

Figure 3: What you see when there is not a disclosures packet linked to the listing. Contact the listing agent to ensure they have set up the connection correctly, using these instructions.

Here's how to create the link on a listing you have made in Disclosures.io.

1. First, in your My Listings page in Disclosures.io, click on the listing you'd like to link.

2. On the page of the listing in Disclosures.io, go to the "Settings" tab, and under, "Link to MLS", click on the "Setup Link" button.


3. Select the association as, "SFAR MLS", and input the Listing ID of the listing in the MLS into the text box. <Question for Jay: what does "Allow automatic access" do?>. Hit Submit. Your listing in the MLS should now link to the property page in Disclosures.io.


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