Please be sure you have gone to your app store and downloaded the Supra eKEY App before reaching out to staff for an authorization code, to ensure access in a timely manner. 




The request to have your key authorized for your Supra eKEY service populates if you have deleted the Supra eKEY app, purchased a new phone, or are a new Supra eKEY user. eKEY holders who have deleted their app or have purchased a new phone can obtain an authorization code on their own, while new users will need the assistance of staff to gain an authorization code.  


Granting Access 

When setting up your eKEY, you will need to grant access/permission for the Supra eKEY app to use Bluetooth, as well as your location. Bluetooth access is particularly important, as this is how the app communicates with the lockbox.  



Granting permissions for your location helps search for nearby listings on the app as well as securely trigger the alert feature. If you chose to grant permission, a GPS prompt will appear giving you multiple options (Recommended: Allow While Using App). 




Activating Your eKEY. 

After setting up your permission, you’ll see two options on your screen: 

  1. Activate eKEY app 

  1. I need to request an Authorization Code – For agents who have deleted the app or have a new phone they are setting up. 

  1. Enter your email (use the email associated with your association billing) or mobile number. 

  1. Enter your key PIN code 

  1. The authorization Code given is only good for 24 hrs. (one-time use) 

  1. I already have an Authorization Code – New Keyholders (code provided by SFAR MLS Staff). 

  1. Enter Authorization Code 

  1. The authorization Code given is only good for 24 hrs. (one-time use) 

  1. Select the two circles below: 

  1. “I have read the EULA and agree to its terms.” 

  1. “I have read the Privacy Notice and agree to its terms.” 

  1. View Walkthrough  

  1. This feature can be viewed after authorization by selecting Walkthrough on the Supra eKEY dashboard. 


 If needed you can also contact Supra app support at 877-699-6787 7-Days a week from 5am-7pm PST.