Broker Tour Reports 


Broker Tours on the SFARMLS are divided into 3 categories: listings created in SFARMLS within San Francisco, listings created from outside MLS systems where the property falls within San Francisco, and listings outside of San Francisco regardless of what MLS system was used to create themThese instructions will guide you through the correct steps to make sure your listing shows up on Broker Tour inside SFARMLS, and also how it can be sent to other partner MLSs in the NORCAL MLS ALLIANCE. 


Listings created in SFARMLS within San Francisco  

These listings constitute the bulk of the regular “SF Broker Tour Report” and are given special access to the “SF Broker Tour” functionality at this time. When adding your listing to the “SF Broker Tour Report” there are a few things you should keep in mind: 

  • Broker Tours occur Tuesday each week, and must be added to the SF Broker Tour each week by Monday at noon. 

  • The District and Subdistrict of the listing determine its time slot on the broker tour; times have been assigned for optimal touring across the city of San Francisco. Also, if it’s a Lockbox Tour, then it will have a full day’s worth of hours. 



Listings created outside SFARMLS that fall within San Francisco 

These listings come from our NORCAL MLS ALLIANCE partners and are created by members of those Associations who have listed properties in the City of San Francisco using their home MLS system. As such, you may encounter tour listings that show times that might not correspond to those entered directly into SFARMLS by fellow SFAR agents. If you have questions about these times, please contact the listing agent directly.


Listings outside of San Francisco (regardless of MLS system used to create) 

This is the final category of broker tours in SFARMLS. They comprise all listings not within the County of San Francisco, originating both within SFARMLS and from our NorCal Alliance Partner Associations’ MLSs. This is the core feature that allows our partners to display your listings in their Broker Tours. 

To add your outside-of-San Francisco listing to this feature, all you have to do is select the “Tour/Caravan Outside SF” link on the Listing Detail page of your listing. Please check the Bay Area Broker Tours to confirm their deadlines and to schedule your broker tour in alignment with the association in that area's schedule. 

ProTip: This is only for your listings outside of San Francisco; adding San Francisco-based listings will not improve their visibility.

If you have any questions not addressed in this document, please reach out to our MLS support team at for assistance on your personal matter. The team operates Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm and are happy to help you with your issue.